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Self Service Laundromat in Plainfield and Elizabeth, NJ

Fresh Wash is a card operated laundromat in Plainfield and Elizabeth. Our self service laundry in Plainfield has Speed Queen washers and dryers and our Elizabeth location has all new Electrolux washers and dryers.  We are a fully attended facility should you have any difficulty when you come in to wash your clothes.

We are open Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Our hours on the weekend are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., but please start your last load at 7:30 p.m. at our laundromat in Plainfield and Elizabeth.

Fresh Wash has several televisions, wifi and radio. We have folding tables and laundry carts for your convenience, and a snack and drink machine. Fresh Wash also has a change machine and a bill breaking machine.

We have washing machines in all sizes so it doesn't matter if you have a small load or bring in tons of clothes, we can accommodate you. Here is a breakdown of our equipment at our self service laundry.

Plainfield Location

  • 20 lb Washer (13 Total)
  • 40 lb Washer (10 Total)
  • 60 lb Washer (4 Total)
  • 80 lb Washer (1 Total)
  • Small Dryer
  • Big Dryer

Elizabeth Location

  • 20 lb Washer (14 Total)
  • 45 lb Washer (20 Total)
  • 62 lb Washer (8 Total)
  • 77 lb Washer (4 Total)
  • 35 lb Dryer (40 Total)
  • 50 lb Dryer (18 Total)

You will receive a free cup of soap for each washer Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you save 0.25 cents on washers with the exception of our 20 pound machines which are excluded.

Fresh Wash has drop off laundry service near Plainfield and Elizabeth – we will do your laundry for you. We also have pickup and delivery laundry service to make your life even easier.

We are a full-service laundry that will make your laundry day a lot more pleasant.

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