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​Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Wash Laundromat

Self Service Laundry Questions:

Monday-Friday, we open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, we open at 5 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. Our last wash is at 7:30 p.m. which gives you plenty of time to get your laundry finished.

Yes, we have an 80 pound washing machine and several 60 pound washing machines! The 80 pound washing machine does the equivalent of 8 top load washing machines.

Both our Plainfield location and our Elizabeth location are card only laundromats.

Yes, we are in a strip center with plenty of parking.

Wash & Fold Questions:

The normal turnaround time is 24 hours, but we do have same day service that costs a little more.

We include a high-grade commercial laundry detergent, but if you desire Tide or a non-toxic, plant-based detergent, there is a small extra charge.

Yes, we do, but they are priced by the piece not by the pound.

The minimum is 10 pounds.

Pickup and Delivery Questions:

Seven days a week.

We will return your clothes the following day.

You can leave us a message in the software as to where you are going to leave the clothes or where we should leave it. Examples are the front porch, the back porch, the garage, behind the gate or with the apartment manager. Keep in mind that if it is rainy outdoors, you are best off having it be in a covered place.

Let us know--we can suspend service for that week--call the store, or tell your driver.

No contract and you can opt out anytime you want.

The minimum is 20 lb.