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​About Fresh Wash Laundromat

My husband and I bought Fresh Wash Laundromat in 2015. This laundromat was falling apart and many of the machines weren't working. We refurbished this store and bought all new washers and dryers. My husband had always wanted to own a laundromat.  He's a plumber and was called out to work on this laundromat in 2014. He offered to buy the laundromat from the previous owner. Although she turned him down, a year later she called him and asked if he was still interested.  We had fun refurbishing our first laundromat, so we decided to purchase a second location.  We purchased the Elizabeth location in 2021.  This location was not an existing laundromat, we built it from the ground up.   

We love our customers and feel lucky to be able to provide laundry services to them.  We really understand how busy life is today.  We hope to save each of our customers a little bit of time each week, so they can enjoy that time doing something other than laundry.